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Battle of Britain

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Battle of Britain key dates and facts

Phase one  July 10th to August 7th 1940

Attacks on convoys carrying foodstuffs, coal and raw materials in order to deny British people basic commodities, as well as drawing the RAF fighters into the air to face the larger number of German aircraft.

Phase two  August 8th to September 6th 1940

Failure to destroy the fighters in the air forced the Luftwaffe to commence bombing RAF airfields and radar stations along the Southern and South-Eastern coasts. "Operation Sealion", the invasion of Britain, was put into action by Hitler.

Phase three  September 7th to September 30th 1940

Commencement of bombing raids on London, especially the East End, and other major industrial centres in an effort to demoralise the people in preparation for the planned invasion.

Phase four  October 1st to October 31st 1940

Although night raids continued throughout October in the hope the RAF would falter, Hitler's invasion plans were in ruins and Operation Sealion had been cancelled.

By 31st October the daytime skies were quiet as Germany redirected its efforts to the Russian front, although night bombing of London and other major cities continued.

65th anniversary events and links

July 10th

Battle of Britain celebrations start
visit: www.battle-of-britain.com


Battle of Britain monument unveiled
visit: www.bbm.org.uk


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Air Commodore Alan Deere

"There can be no doubt that victory in the Battle of Britain was made possible by the Spitfire. Although there were more Hurricanes than Spitfires in the battle, the Spitfire was the RAF's primary weapon because of its better all-round capability. The Hurricane alone could not have won this great air battle, but the Spitfire (if in sufficient numbers) could have done so."

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